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Waalhaven O.Z. in Rotterdam

(port number 2226)

Drutenstraat 7

3087 CC Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 10 473 74 00
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Service and products

ROG Ship Repair has skilled assembly teams which can install prefabricated parts on site. 

ROG Ship Repair uses certified welders.

ROG Ship Repair offers the possibility of hiring-out skilled personnel.

ROG Ship Repair offers a 24-hour service.

We offer a full range of repair possibilities in the broadest sense for:

• Main engines; Auxiliary engines; Pumps and other related equipment;

• Turbo blowers; Separators; Machining of crank shafts in situ;

• Replacement of anchors and anchorchains;

• Generators, electrical and refrigerating equipment;

• Design, manufacturing and installation of all kind of stainless steel expansion joints (bellows);

• Overhaul of winches and additional hydraulic system;

• Hatch cover repairs;

• Ship cranes;

• ROG Ship Repair is specialized in extensive steel jobs, such as collision-damage repairs;

• Lifeboat davit systems, load testing, G.R.P. repairs acc. Classification;

• Welding of complete range duplex materials, certificated ABS/GL/LR

ROG Ship Repair represents the following products:

SP Consultores Y Servicios

- Hatch Covers and RO/RO Equipment Specialist

Oriental Precision & Engineering Co. Ltd 

ROG Ship Repair holds the exclusive European OEM spare part dealership of Oriental Precision & Engineering Co. Ltd of Busan Korea comprising of all spares used in their range of cranes, winches and lifesaving products.

Besides this, ROG Ship Repair is the approved service station for all related works comprising of overhaul and annual service to these products.

TOG's engineers hold the required certificates issued by Oriental Inspection & Service Co. Ltd. for SOLAS related services.

And ROG Ship Repair has the ability to carry out both the annual as well as the 5-yearly service to the Oriental lifesaving products.